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Embroidered Raglan Daygowns

Embroidered Raglan Daygowns are the perfect choice for boy or girl baby when you want a comfortable daygown with a front that is made for embellishing.  Use one of the wonderful designs included or do your own special touch.  View 1 features soft gathers at the front, entredeux and lace trimmed neck and a cute little duck family Shadow Embroidery design.  The sleeves are styled after an antique gown with ribbon ties beaded through buttonholes at the wrist.  View 2 features elegant embroidery embroidery at the neck and hem of gown.  The neck and sleeves are edged with entredeux and lace.  View 3 is especially suited for a boy baby.  It features a Baby Whale Shadow Embroidery design and bias binding at the neck and sleeves.  The sleeves have pleats at the edge to take up the excess fabric for a tailored look.  Featherstitching embellishes the sleeve seams and an embroidered Running Stitch accents the hem.

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