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Goanna Dreaming Green

44/45" wide. 
Australian Aboriginal Designs arise from a heritage that goes back thousands of years.  Aboriginal "Dreaming Stories" are passed on from generation to generation and explain life and are central to their culture and relationship to the natural world.  Aboriginal art illustrates their "Dreaming Stories" with a series of symbolic motifs.  Each design has a story and historical significance. The abstract dot and circle designs, based on these stories, have become a trademark of the contemporary Aboriginal art movement. 

M & S Textiles licenses each artwork and pays each artist a fair rate. Because of their extensive use of “natural” colors, the fabrics work very well together and with other fabrics.  These bright and absolutely fascinating fabrics will have all your friends talking.  Be the first of your quilting group to use these fabrics.  You’ll be the talk of the town!

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